Saturday, December 19, 2009

Give me a head with hair... Long Beautiful Hair

Growing your hair to a long beautiful length and still keeping the integrity can be a problem. There are two C's involved in the process: Cutting and Conditioning. Most people think if they are going to grow out their hair they shouldn't get it shaped in anyway, until it gets to the length they wanted to achieve. You can do that, but the results would be disastrous. Imagine if you will, a long piece of dried straw and that would be your total accomplishment. For the reward of beautiful long hair, you must have your hair trimmed and I do mean trimmed on a regular bases, usually every six to eight weeks. No length should be removed only trimming off the split ends, which will be minimal should you be on this regular schedule. Brush your scalp and hair on a daily bases. By doing this you are stimulating the scalp and bringing the oils onto the hair shaft. This will cause the blood to nourish your scalp and stimulate hair growth. Wash your hair with products that will nourish and condition your hair and scalp. We suggest Joico or Aquage Products. Some product appear to have vitamins and other good ingredients in them only to have waxes and such included. The waxes in those products, however, will prohibit the vitamins and other good ingredients from penetrating and giving any benefits, by sealing the hair folicals. If for whatever reason you have to go eight weeks before you get a haircut instead of the preferred six weeks, then use Split End Mender from Joico to keep those ends looking better until they can be trimmed. Split ends left untrimmed and uncared for will begin to split up the hair shaft, leaving that straw look and your hair will seem to take forever to grow out, because it is indeed breaking off. When you finally do go in to have your hair trimmed, they will have to take off a lot of length just to have it look healthy again. Do it right the first time! Enjoy the fruit of your labor.

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