Saturday, February 6, 2010


Shiny hair is something we all want, isn't it? You can have a great cut, color, curl, ctyle,(oops just trying to keep up with the "c" thing I had going). Anyway, but if your hair is drab and lusterless, well you know, you got nothing. Now, how can we get this thing called shine? What does shiny hair mean? It means your hair is healthy, yes? Maybe or maybe not. There are many ways to get shiny hair and there are many products on the market that promote the fact that they can accomplish just that. By covering it up, most products on the average supermarket, drug store & even some salon shelves, carry products with waxes of various kinds to cover damaged hair so as to create the elusion of shine.
That is one of the ways to make shine happen, but what you are really doing is covering the problem. Coating the hair shaft with waxes & other products will take a strong stripping type of shampoo just to remove it. Remove it? You may be asking, "If it is making my hair shiny & healthy looking, why in the world would I want to remove it at any time?" Well, what will happen after awhile, is your hair will become very drab, heavy, lifeless and won't do anything but lay there. You can find out if you have waxes on your hair by having your hair professional do a simple test by taking their shears and running the blade up the shaft. If you have wax on your hair shaft, wax will have accumulated on the blade of their shears. If this has happened and the wax is there, stop it right here and now! Have your hair professional remove the wax with a clarifying shampoo. OK? Done! Now let's not go there again. Use products on your hair that build the hair from the inside out. Vitamins & a healthy diet is important for feeding the hair root. Brushing the scalp will get that blood flowing and feeding all the factors that produce hair before we ever see it... under the skin. Then product... of course by now you know I recommend Joico & Aquage Products, because they don't build up on the hair, they are water soluble and those are the key words, water soluble. It should wash off your hair with ease, not be stripped off with harse cleansers. You want to cleanse & protect the hair from all the many things we do to it, as well as the environment we put it in. Perms, Colors, Bleaches, Straighteners, Blow Driers, Hot Styling Irons, Sun, Wind and the list goes on and on. Like we spoke of in our last blog, stay on a regular schedule with getting those ends trimmed, keeping the split ends under control. Use a good conditioning treatment on a weekly bases and a great shampoo & rinse on your regular shampooing days. Doing all of this will make SHINE happen!